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Look at some very useful CSS3 resources where you will get tons of information, tips and trick and much more.....a must see for CSS developers and designers





Backgrounds and Borders

Describes background colors and images and the style of borders. New functionality includes the ability to stretch the background image, to use images for the borders, to round the corners of the box and to add a box shadow outside the border.

  • Multiple Backgrounds
    Explains how to add multiple backgrounds to an element using “background-image” property.
  • Background Size
    Illustrates how to specify the size of the background images using “background-size” property (Opera & WebKit based browsers).
  • Gradient Borders & Rounded Corners
    Illustrates adding gradient borders using “border-color” (Mozila based browser) and creating rounded corners by using “border-*-radius” property (Mozila & WebKit based browsers).
  • Border Radius
    Explores “border-radius” property(Mozila & WebKit based browsers).
  • Using Images For Border
    Illustrates using images as border using “border-image” property (Mozila & WebKit based browsers).
  • Shadow Effect on Elements
    Illustrates adding shadow effects on elements using “box-shadow” property (Mozila & WebKit based browsers).

Selectors are used to select elements in an HTML or XML document, in order to attach (style) properties to them.

Multi-Column Layout

Multi-Column Layout proposes new properties to flow content into flexibly-defined columns.

  • Multiple Columns
    Illustrate how to create multiple columns using “column-width, column-gap, column-count, column-rule” properties (Mozila & WebKit based browsers).
  • Multiple Columns Using CSS3
    Introduction to CSS3 multiple columns feature.


Specifies color related aspects of CSS, including transparency and the various notations for the <color> value type.


a list of various attempts/tricks mostly using JavaScript to achieve some of these effects today.


Following list of resources demonstrate various techniques; exposing what you will be able to achieve using new features in CSS.

Some Useful sites

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